SK8Z is an exciting new skating brand that blurs the distinction between roller skating and ice skating by using the revolutionary “off-ice” skates to provide the ice skating experience without the need for an ice rink whilst still remaining accessible to traditional quad and inline skating.

SK8Z is located off Marshall Way on the Heapham Road Industrial Estate. The postcode for SAT NAV is DN21 1GD and our phone number is 01427 760 150



Public skating is a non-structured programmes where people can come and skate in a safe environment and can receive ad-hoc coaching from the staff.

Public sessions are from £5 per person. Skate Hire is from £1.50 per person.


Taking place on Friday and Saturday evenings and there would be two sessions per night; one aimed at young people under 10 years of age and one aimed at young people between 10 and 16 years of age.

Disco sessions are £5 per person. Skate Hire is £1.50 per person.


Great value Birthday Party packages for children of all ages including skating, skate hire and healthy party food.

Birthday parties start from just £10 per child.


A core programme for each Sk8z facility Learn to Skate (LTS) delivered using the Skate Excellence system which enable the skills learnt to be transferred to ice skating.

Learn to Skate sessions are from £5 per person. Skate Hire is from £1.50 per person.


During term-time our after school sessions provide a cheap skating session after school aimed at giving kids something fun to do after school and is aimed at kids that are too old to access traditional “out-of-school” clubs.

After school sessions are from £5 per person including skate hire.


Taking place in the evening and aimed at providing fun healthy activities for adults.

Adult only skating sessions are from £5 per person. Skate Hire is from £1.50 per person.

'Sk8z is a new way of having fun, learning new skills and getting healthy!'


That the best providers of healthy community programmes is the local community
The only way for an organisation to operate effectively is to enable them to have access to the support they need
Focusing on the core programmes will lead to a better customer experience
Sustainability comes through reinvestment and community engagement
People will always prefer to participate in activities that are fun and take place in clean, well designed environments
Everyone involved in Sk8z should have a rewarding experience including customers, staff, suppliers and the local community
Customers want to feel exclusive without feeling excluded


Feel free to contact us anytime, our team are happy to help! Our phone number is 01427 760 150.